The Mountain Men’s Northern Lights T-Shirt


100% Cotton
Machine Wash


Embody the spirit of the wolf whenever you don this T-shirt from The Mountain. Depicting a pack of wolves bounding through the snow-blanketed night, the design of this tee will inspire any embark on an adventurous journey. With the Northern Lights dancing among stars and mountain peaks, artist Collin Bogle has created an enchanting shirt. Known for his attention to fine detail and ability to capture the true essence of the animals he illustrates, Collin shows The Northern Lights T-shirt is no exception. From the expression of joy on the wolf pack leader, to the fading lights of aurora borealis in the background, you’ll have to agree that the Northern Lights T-Shirt is a top-notch wolf t-shirt.

100% Cotton
Machine Wash
ALL NATURAL QUALITY MATERIALS: 100% cotton, water based inks, and organic dyes ensure the shirt  doesn’t emit nasty toxins; our hand dyeing process make these custom shirts a work of art
ULTRA SOFT AND COMFORTABLE:  Using only high quality materials, these shirts will not lose their shape and are easy to care for, just toss in the washing machine on cold, tumble dry low (no bleach)
ENVIRONMENT FIRST PRODUCTION: Since 1972, we remain committed to using sustainable practices that  preserve our natural resources; designed and printed in the USA, we are deeply tied to this commitment and continue to implement the latest practices
CUSTOM ART WEAR: Our apparel is designed by artists who create stunning works of art that come to life through rich and vibrant colors; these tee shirts are unique and wearable masterpieces making the wonderful gifts
Depicting a pack of wolves running through snow, this T-shirt will be a perfect addition to your nature-inspired apparel. A colorful aurora borealis in the night sky evokes a sense of serenity among the wolves on the hunt



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